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Tequepis Trail

Tequepis Trails

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For:Long, uphill all the way, but trail is smooth and shady.
Icy Leaves
Icy Leaves on Tequepis

This is a beautiful trail. You will get gorgeous views of Cachuma Lake while climbing, and great views of the coast when you reach the summit. Another bonus is that there are two geocaches at the top for you to look for.

This is a challenging hike, with 2000ft elevation gain in 4 miles, one way. Total mileage is approximately 8 miles.

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Went up Tequepis on Jan. 30 2016 with a lab who came back with about 100 ticks. Check yourself and your dogs!
Posted by: mtnsky  on  2016-01-31
Worked off my 9 hours of jet lag on Tequepis Trail yesterday. Started from the parking lot at the entrance of Circle V / Saint Vincent de Paul Camp late afternoon. Went up to Tequepis Trail Summit on Camino Cielo. Trail was in excellent condition. Lots of shady stretches up to the top. Total round trip time 3 1/2 hours (2 up, 1 1/2 down). And - to add some international flavor to this site :wink: - 6.53Km one-way distance and a 725m elevation gain (so my gps says). Magnificent views all the way. Met exactly one couple on their way down - and a blackish pig-sized 'thing', very quick to get off the trail. Highly recommend this trail.
Posted by: wowo  on  2015-09-06
Just hiked Tequepis this Sunday. Didn't see a soul in the trail, except for a friendly forest service fire crew in the bottom part. The trail is very well maintained and absolutely clean, which was very nice to see. As it is on a north face, the sun is angled to the South in late October and there's medium and short forest all the way up, so it was very shady. And the temperature was perfect. And the views gorgeous, to the lake and the mountains on the North on the way up, and upon reaching the summit, to Sta Barbara and the Ocean to the South.
Posted by: Tonosan  on  2014-10-28
Hiked the upper stretch of the Tequepis Trail with my 6-year-old on Sunday. Fantastic conditions, but some OHV riders had just been riding their bikes along the trail (where's a shotgun-toting Ranger when you really want one?), tearing things up. [img:2b28d849c8]http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7202/6920121081_923ac04a04.jpg[/img:2b28d849c8] Lots of the barriers along the ridge line have been pulled down ... I continue to lose respect for the OHV crowd. Sorry clowns, but when/if you lose your rights you'll just have your brethren to blame, and I won't feel a d*mned bit sorry for you. The vegetation along West Camino Cielo's firebreak has recently been cleared; from Refugio Road all the way to Winchester Gun Club the chippers have been busy! [img:2b28d849c8]http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7182/6920121547_c1f2fef727.jpg[/img:2b28d849c8] CTW
Posted by: Cross Tie Walker  on  2012-02-23
Here are some photos from the hike. http://web.me.com/shunsick/Site_2/Tequepis_Trail.html
Posted by: shunsick  on  2010-11-19
:D Great trail, great hike! Nice and wide trail very clean. I would recommmend doing it in the early morning lots of trail in sun but there is shady spots too.And once at the top an awesome view both ways! Enjoy the trail I would do it again too! :D
Posted by: sbdolphin62  on  2010-07-11