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Santa Barbara Hikes

Gaviota Hot Spring

Gaviota Peak and Campbell Trail, with a side trip to the hot spring

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For:Long, steady uphill if you do the peak. Add primitive trail and even longer if you do Campbell trail. Give it a 1 if you go just to the hot spring.
Gaviota Hot Spring
Gaviota Hot Spring

The entire trail is a wide path that leads upwards with successively higher vistas of the 101 freeway winding through the hills. There is vegetation along the trail but not enough to give much shade so wear a hat. The trail is uniformly and moderately steep most of the way but gets slightly steeper at the end. At the top of the peak you get a fantastic view of the ocean which is hidden throughout the rest of the trail since you climb from behind the mountain. There is a register kept in a sturdy metal can at the peak where you can record your achievement. A nice side trip is a short hike from the trailhead to a hot spring. It's nice to take a dip in the pool after the hike or just sit on the rocks with your feet dipped in.

  • If you do Gaviota Peak, your total will be around 6 or 7 miles.
  • If you do the Campbell trail loop, your total will be around 11 miles.
  • If you just go to the hot spring, it's about 1 mile total round trip.

There is a fee to park your car. Last time I was there it was $2 but it could change. The trail is part of the California State Park system.

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