The Thomas Fire and the floods have closed many of the trails in our area. Read Los Padres National Forest Alerts & Notices and Ray Ford's report for more information.
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Santa Barbara Hikes

Rattlesnake Trail Directions

Rattlesnake Trail

From the Mission, corner of Laguna and Los Olivos Street in Santa Barbara...

Head up Los Olivos toward the mountains. The road makes a jag and becomes Mission Canyon Rd.

At the stop sign, turn right on Foothill Rd.

At the stop sign and fire station, turn left onto Mission Canyon Rd.

At the fork in the road, stay right on Mission Canyon. Don't take Tunnel.

Make a sharp right turn on Las Canoas.

Follow Las Canoas to Skofield Park. Just before the park there is parking.

The Trailhead is at the stone bridge adjacent to the park

(About 5 minute drive)