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Santa Barbara Hikes

Front Country Hikes


I list hikes that I've done. I have hiked them all, measured them with a pedometer and took notes along the way.

Trail re-routing by natural or man-made influences and other conditions may have changed the trails slightly from the time I wrote them up to the time you hike them, so it's possible some information could be a slightly incorrect.

The hikes are categorized by geographic area in a way that may help you figure out which ones will be in roughly what kind of terrain or biological community:

Front Country
The front country is the region that most people think of when they decide to take a hike in Santa Barbara. The front country is the south-facing slope of the Santa Ynez Mountains. These are the most favorite of Santa Barbara's trails.
Camino Cielo Road
Camino Cielo Road is a road that runs along the crest of the Santa Ynez mountains. Trailheads here start from this road and usually go down the back side of the mountains. Many of the front country trails actually cross Camino Cielo Road at the top and go down the back side of the mountains.
Back Country
The back country hikes category is for trails in and around the upper and lower Santa Ynez river valley or approaching the southern boundary of the Dick Smith Wilderness. Access is usually along Paradise Road, but some are out around Mono camp. Red Rock is a favorite.
San Rafael Wilderness
San Rafael Wilderness hikes are trails located in or near the San Rafael Wilderness area. This area is near Figueroa Mountain, to the north and east. Many of these hikes make good backpack trips, and most of the trails described are near the Manzana River.
Beach Hikes
Beach hikes are hikes you can take along Santa Barbara's beaches or cliffs. Some of these hikes are pretty strenuous and require a careful attention to the incoming tide.
Sierra Club Hikes
Sierra Club hikes are the only public and regularly scheduled hikes that I'm aware of. You do not need to be a member to attend. I maintain a copy of the Hike Schedule for the weekend hikes. Wednesday and Friday night hikes are all announced at the meeting place the night they occur.