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Santa Barbara has some of the best hiking anywhere, and lots of it!

Lots of hiking trails are listed here with maps, topos and directions to the trailhead. Print out what you need and take it with you.

Then, come back and talk about your adventure.

Latest Hiking Adventures and Information

Diane's Big Adventures

Trail Pass to Bishop Pass on the PCT

I just returned from a 7 day trip in the Sierras on the PCT between Trail Pass (Horseshoe Meadow) and Bishop Pass. In 2008 when I started hiking the PCT I had a terrible time in this section. I was lonely, terrified and hungry the whole time. I ended up bailing off the trail at Bishop Pass and going home. This time around I had such a great time. It was so good to replace all my horrible memories with good ones.

The snows were pretty low this time around. The creek crossings were manageable. I saw a bear! Best of all, I wasn't a thru-hiker. I was totally in the moment all the time. I lost track of what day it was. I did not care what mile I was on or how many miles I did that day. I wasn't hungry all the time. I just hiked and enjoyed every minute of it. Being a section hiker is so much better, however, I really did wish to continue on. There just is something so wonderful about hiking for a really long time. Seven days is pretty long but not quite long enough.

I have put up pictures here.