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Santa Barbara has some of the best hiking anywhere, and lots of it!

Lots of hiking trails are listed here with maps, topos and directions to the trailhead. Print out what you need and take it with you.

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Latest Hiking Adventures and Information

Diane's Big Adventures

Go-lite umbrella used twice today in Fish Canyon

Today we hiked to Fish Creek. We went up the canyon from the camp to a hole that still had deep, cold water and lots of fish. This hole was about a mile and a half up Fish Canyon.

I decided to bring my Go-lite Chrome umbrella for the sun and heat. I wanted to put it to a good test and see if it really does help in the desert sun. I'm happy to report that it does help. The nicest thing is you can strip off all your sun-protective layers and walk in the shade in a tank top. You don't have to clog your pores with sunblock because the umbrella protects you. It's significantly cooler.

The way up the canyon was somewhat brushy but not too bad. I got a lot of tiny burs stuck in my shorts and dirty girl gaiters, but no foxtails in my socks. The little burs came out fairly easily.

At the water hole, there was a small puddle with lots of tiny fish. In the puddle were at least two small snakes trying to catch the fish. I saw one of them slither away with a tiny fish in its mouth.

We spent a lot of time watching the snakes dart and strike and try to catch more. Seems they use almost as many calories to catch these tiny fish as they get from them. At one point we noticed a tiny turtle making its way up to the rock. And then another tiny turtle. Then a very large, bulbous spider swam across the water and climbed the rock. So much wildlife in such a tiny puddle!

After we enjoyed the relaxing shade by the water hole, we headed back out into the sun. But clouds had formed and a gentle breeze came up. Then rain started to fall. Rain in the desert in July in the middle of a horrible drought! Even though it wasn't really necessary, I got out my umbrella again for the rain. Two separate uses for my umbrella today!

We reached Fish Camp and the rain had stopped. The hike back to NIRA seemed humid and hot, but the clouds kept the temperature fairly pleasant. Under the oaks it seemed the curved oak leaves had captured the rain water. It was very humid under the oaks. Later we saw horney toads and there was even a little water remaining in Manzana Creek.

Quite an eventful hike overall. Hot sun, lots of wildlife and rain in the middle of a drought in the middle of July.