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Santa Barbara has some of the best hiking anywhere, and lots of it!

Lots of hiking trails are listed here with maps, topos and directions to the trailhead. Print out what you need and take it with you.

Then, come back and talk about your adventure.

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Wettest drought?

This has to be the wettest drought summer ever. We went hiking today and again it rained. It was awesome, though. Big fat drops, the air was warm and moist. It felt like a hot steamy East Coast day.

We hiked just to Inspiration Point on the Jesusita Trail. The drops were fat and even though it was raining there was a clear view of Santa Barbara and all the way up the coast and along the mountains. We hiked without umbrellas most of the time but found them handy to sit out of the rain for a while while we had a snack and watched the view.

Seems so odd we're in such a terrible drought but it rains enough to use an umbrella two weekends in a row in the summer.