The Thomas Fire has probably closed most trails in our area. Click InciWeb for more info.
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Santa Barbara Hikes

Welcome to Santa Barbara Hikes!

Santa Barbara has some of the best hiking anywhere, and lots of it!

Lots of hiking trails are listed here with maps, topos and directions to the trailhead. Print out what you need and take it with you.

Latest Hiking Adventures and Information

Diane's Big Adventures

Eclipse and Sierra Backpack

Two big adventures: Went to Madras, Oregon to see the total eclipse of the sun, and went on a 3 night backpack trip out of Agnew Meadows in the Sierras.

Hiked in Palisades Cove State Park near Madras.
Pretty sunsets near Madras.
A total eclipse is hard to take a picture of. It doesn't look anything like this with your naked eyes.
Still lots of snow in the Sierras. This is 1000 Island Lake.
Sunset near Marie Lakes.
Still so many flowers in the Sierras.

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